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About The I.T. Confidential

This is the first-of-its-kind live streaming talk show (with live guest and audience) created specifically for the I.T. industry where we intend to shine a light on the shadows of the I.T. channel.

What Exactly Does That Mean?
It means we want to have the conversations and discussions about all those things that are not being talked about, that need to be talked about – things that you might read a story on, but no one is actually having a discussion about it. We want to bring these things into the light.

What Kind of Conversations?
You tell us! From not really understanding the technology changes that are coming right at you head-on, to the issues we face with compensation, gender, race, and so on. We intend to listen to the tribe that follows us and let them steer the conversations.

Meet The Host

Manuel has been in the IT industry for over thirty years and has laid hands on networks of every size organization – from the one-man shops to international corporations, including a considerable stint inside the US federal government. Yeah, it turns out he was working on the service desk for the Department of Energy back in the Enron days. He started The I.T. Confidential so he could share old stories and to uncover new and relevant ones.

Manuel Palachuk

Manuel Palachuk

The Host

Itsa Secret

Itsa Secret

Special Guest & Co-host

Latest Episode


The Cyber Security Time-bomb!

We discuss the epic fail of most IT service providers to clearly understand what’s coming at them when it comes to cyber security.

Season 1, Episode 1    |    30min

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